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Publications 2014

Vincent, M., G. Teppaz, L. Lajoie, V. Sole, A. Bessard, M. Maillasson, S. Loisel, D. Bechard, B. Clemenceau, G. Thibault, L. Garrigue-Antar, Y. Jacques and A. Quemener, (2014). Highly potent anti-CD20-RLI immunocytokine targeting established human B lymphoma in SCID mouse. MAbs, 6, 1026-37. [Abstract]

Stettler, O. and K. L. Moya, (2014). Distinct roles of homeoproteins in brain topographic mapping and in neural circuit formation. Semin Cell Dev Biol, 35, 165-72. [Abstract]

Stettler, O., (2014). Development of connective maps. Semin Cell Dev Biol, 35, 124-5. [Abstract]

Samarelli, A. V., E. Riccitelli, L. Bizzozero, T. N. Silveira, G. Seano, M. Pergolizzi, G. Vitagliano, I. Cascone, G. Carpentier, A. Bottos, L. Primo, F. Bussolino and M. Arese, (2014). Neuroligin 1 induces blood vessel maturation by cooperating with the alpha6 integrin. J Biol Chem, 289, 19466-76. [Abstract]

Rouvinski, A., S. Karniely, M. Kounin, S. Moussa, M. D. Goldberg, G. Warburg, R. Lyakhovetsky, D. Papy-Garcia, J. Kutzsche, C. Korth, G. A. Carlson, S. F. Godsave, P. J. Peters, K. Luhr, K. Kristensson and A. Taraboulos, (2014). Live imaging of prions reveals nascent PrPSc in cell-surface, raft-associated amyloid strings and webs. J Cell Biol, 204, 423-41. [Abstract]

Ramier, J., D. Grande, T. Bouderlique, O. Stoilova, N. Manolova, I. Rashkov, V. Langlois, P. Albanese and E. Renard, (2014). From design of bio-based biocomposite electrospun scaffolds to osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stromal cells. J Mater Sci Mater Med, 25, 1563-75. [Abstract]

Ramier, J., T. Bouderlique, O. Stoilova, N. Manolova, I. Rashkov, V. Langlois, E. Renard, P. Albanese* and D. Grande, (2014). Biocomposite scaffolds based on electrospun poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) nanofibers and electrosprayed hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for bone tissue engineering applications. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl, 38, 161-9. [Abstract]

Negroni, E., E. Henault, F. Chevalier, M. Gilbert-Sirieix, T. H. Van Kuppevelt, D. Papy-Garcia, G. Uzan and P. Albanese, (2014). Glycosaminoglycan modifications in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: specific remodeling of chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol, 73, 789-97. [Abstract]

Lemonnier, S., T. Bouderlique, P. Albanese, S. Naili, N. Chevallier, H. Rouard, J. Courty and T. Lemaire, (2014). Dynamic mesenchymal stem cells volumic seeding in a commercialized porous ceramic scaffold: a feasibility study. Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin, 17 Suppl 1, 4-5. [Abstract]

Laurence, C., M. Rivard, T. Martens, C. Morin, D. Buisson, S. Bourcier, M. Sablier and M. A. Oturan, (2014). Anticipating the fate and impact of organic environmental contaminants: a new approach applied to the pharmaceutical furosemide. Chemosphere, 113, 193-9. [Abstract]

Dos Santos, C., C. Blanc, R. Elahouel, M. Prescott, G. Carpentier, A. Ori, J. Courty, Y. Hamma-Kourbali, D. G. Fernig and J. Delbe, (2014). Proliferation and migration activities of fibroblast growth factor-2 in endothelial cells are modulated by its direct interaction with heparin affin regulatory peptide. Biochimie, 107 Pt B, 350-7. [Abstract]

Chevalier, F., M. Lavergne, E. Negroni, S. Ferratge, G. Carpentier, M. Gilbert-Sirieix, F. Sineriz, G. Uzan and P. Albanese, (2014). Glycosaminoglycan mimetic improves enrichment and cell functions of human endothelial progenitor cell colonies. Stem Cell Res, 12, 703-15. [Abstract]

Cazes, A., L. Lopez-Delisle, K. Tsarovina, C. Pierre-Eugene, K. De Preter, M. Peuchmaur, A. Nicolas, C. Provost, C. Louis-Brennetot, R. Daveau, C. Kumps, I. Cascone, G. Schleiermacher, A. Prignon, F. Speleman, H. Rohrer, O. Delattre and I. Janoueix-Lerosey, (2014). Activated Alk triggers prolonged neurogenesis and Ret upregulation providing a therapeutic target in ALK-mutated neuroblastoma. Oncotarget, 5, 2688-702. [Abstract]

Bouderlique, T., E. Henault, A. Lebouvier, G. Frescaline, P. Bierling, H. Rouard, J. Courty, P. Albanese and N. Chevallier, (2014). Pleiotrophin commits human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells towards hypertrophy during chondrogenesis. PLoS One, 9, e88287. [Abstract]

Avila, C. L., C. M. Torres-Bugeau, L. R. Barbosa, E. M. Sales, M. O. Ouidja, S. B. Socias, M. S. Celej, R. Raisman-Vozari, D. Papy-Garcia, R. Itri and R. N. Chehin, (2014). Structural characterization of heparin-induced glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase protofibrils preventing alpha-synuclein oligomeric species toxicity. J Biol Chem, 289, 13838-50. [Abstract]

Attia, M., A. Scott, G. Carpentier, O. Lian, T. Van Kuppevelt, C. Gossard, D. Papy-Garcia, M. C. Tassoni and I. Martelly, (2014). Greater glycosaminoglycan content in human patellar tendon biopsies is associated with more pain and a lower VISA score. Br J Sports Med, 48, 469-75. [Abstract]