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Publications 2019

Acuna, L., S. Hamadat, N. S. Corbalan, F. Gonzalez-Lizarraga, M. Dos-Santos-Pereira, J. Rocca, J. S. Diaz, E. Del-Bel, D. Papy-Garcia, R. N. Chehin, P. P. Michel and R. Raisman-Vozari (2019). "Rifampicin and Its Derivative Rifampicin Quinone Reduce Microglial Inflammatory Responses and Neurodegeneration Induced In Vitro by alpha-Synuclein Fibrillary Aggregates." Cells 8(8).

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Conrozier, T., F. Eymard, M. Chouk and X. Chevalier (2019). "Impact of obesity, structural severity and their combination on the efficacy of viscosupplementation in patients with knee osteoarthritis." BMC Musculoskelet Disord 20(1): 376.

Cossutta, M., M. Darche, G. Carpentier, C. Houppe, M. Ponzo, F. Raineri, B. Vallee, M. E. Gilles, D. Villain, E. Picard, C. Casari, C. Denis, M. Paques, J. Courty and I. Cascone (2019). "Weibel-Palade Bodies Orchestrate Pericytes During Angiogenesis." Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 39(9): 1843-1858.

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Krauss, E., J. Haberer, O. Maurer, G. Barreto, F. Drakopanagiotakis, M. Degen, W. Seeger and A. Guenther (2019). "Exploring the Ability of Electronic Nose Technology to Recognize Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD) by Non-Invasive Breath Screening of Exhaled Volatile Compounds (VOC): A Pilot Study from the European IPF Registry (eurIPFreg) and Biobank." J Clin Med 8(10).

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Rubio, K., I. Singh, S. Dobersch, P. Sarvari, S. Gunther, J. Cordero, A. Mehta, L. Wujak, H. Cabrera-Fuentes, C. M. Chao, P. Braubach, S. Bellusci, W. Seeger, A. Gunther, K. T. Preissner, M. Wygrecka, R. Savai, D. Papy-Garcia, G. Dobreva, M. Heikenwalder, S. Savai-Pullamsetti, T. Braun and G. Barreto (2019). "Inactivation of nuclear histone deacetylases by EP300 disrupts the MiCEE complex in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis." Nat Commun 10(1): 2229.