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Publications 2018

Berndt, S., M. E. Issa, G. Carpentier and M. Cuendet (2018). "A Bivalent Role of Genistein in Sprouting Angiogenesis." Planta Med 84(9-10): 653-661.

Byrne, D. P., Y. Li, K. Ramakrishnan, I. L. Barsukov, E. A. Yates, C. E. Eyers, D. Papy-Garcia, S. Chantepie, V. Pagadala, J. Liu, C. Wells, D. H. Drewry, W. J. Zuercher, N. G. Berry, D. G. Fernig and P. A. Eyers (2018). "New tools for carbohydrate sulfation analysis: heparan sulfate 2-O-sulfotransferase (HS2ST) is a target for small-molecule protein kinase inhibitors." Biochem J 475(15): 2417-2433.

Chatzileontiadou, D. S. M., A. C. Tsika, Z. Diamantopoulou, J. Delbe, J. Badet, J. Courty, V. T. Skamnaki, V. Parmenopoulou, D. Komiotis, J. M. Hayes, G. A. Spyroulias and D. D. Leonidas (2018). "Evidence for Novel Action at the Cell-Binding Site of Human Angiogenin Revealed by Heteronuclear NMR Spectroscopy, in silico and in vivo Studies." ChemMedChem 13(3): 259-269.

De Cola, A., M. Franceschini, A. Di Matteo, G. Colotti, R. Celani, E. Clemente, R. Ippoliti, A. M. Cimini, A. C. Dhez, B. Vallee, F. Raineri, I. Cascone, D. Destouches, V. De Laurenzi, J. Courty and L. Federici (2018). "N6L pseudopeptide interferes with nucleophosmin protein-protein interactions and sensitizes leukemic cells to chemotherapy." Cancer Lett 412: 272-282.

Delos, M., F. Foulquier, C. Hellec, D. Vicogne, A. Fifre, M. Carpentier, D. Papy-Garcia, F. Allain and A. Denys (2018). "Heparan sulfate 3-O-sulfotransferase 2 (HS3ST2) displays an unexpected subcellular localization in the plasma membrane." Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj 1862(7): 1644-1655.

Dhez, A. C., E. Benedetti, A. Antonosante, G. Panella, B. Ranieri, T. M. Florio, L. Cristiano, F. Angelucci, F. Giansanti, L. Di Leandro, M. d'Angelo, M. Melone, A. De Cola, L. Federici, R. Galzio, I. Cascone, F. Raineri, A. Cimini, J. Courty, A. Giordano and R. Ippoliti (2018). "Targeted therapy of human glioblastoma via delivery of a toxin through a peptide directed to cell surface nucleolin." J Cell Physiol 233(5): 4091-4105.

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Eymard, F., C. Parsons, M. H. Edwards, F. Petit-Dop, J. Y. Reginster, O. Bruyere, X. Chevalier, C. Cooper and P. Richette (2018). "Statin use and knee osteoarthritis progression: Results from a post-hoc analysis of the SEKOIA trial." Joint Bone Spine 85(5): 609-614.

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Khelif, Y., J. Toutain, M. S. Quittet, S. Chantepie, X. Laffray, S. Valable, D. Divoux, F. Sineriz, E. Pascolo-Rebouillat, D. Papy-Garcia, D. Barritault, O. Touzani and M. Bernaudin (2018). "A heparan sulfate-based matrix therapy reduces brain damage and enhances functional recovery following stroke." Theranostics 8(21): 5814-5827.

Khosravi, M., N. Azarpira, S. Shamdani, S. Hojjat-Assari, S. Naserian and M. H. Karimi (2018). "Differentiation of umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells to hepatocyte cells by transfection of miR-106a, miR-574-3p, and miR-451." Gene 667: 1-9.

Laurent, C., J. Aouizerate, A. Hourdille, E. Itti, F. J. Authier and X. Chevalier (2018). "Dropped head syndrome with proximal myopathy revealing AL amyloidosis." Joint Bone Spine 85(6): 779-781.

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