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Publications 2015

Wizenmann, A., O. Stettler and K. L. Moya, (2015). Engrailed homeoproteins in visual system development. Cell Mol Life Sci, 72, 1433-45. [Abstract]

Sepulveda-Diaz, J. E., S. M. Alavi Naini, M. B. Huynh, M. O. Ouidja, C. Yanicostas, S. Chantepie, J. Villares, F. Lamari, E. Jospin, T. H. van Kuppevelt, A. G. Mensah-Nyagan, R. Raisman-Vozari, N. Soussi-Yanicostas and D. Papy-Garcia, (2015). HS3ST2 expression is critical for the abnormal phosphorylation of tau in Alzheimer's disease-related tau pathology. Brain, 138, 1339-54. [Abstract]

Nehme, H., S. Chantepie, J. Defert, P. Morin, D. Papy-Garcia and R. Nehme, (2015). New methods based on capillary electrophoresis for in vitro evaluation of protein tau phosphorylation by glycogen synthase kinase 3-beta. Anal Bioanal Chem, 407, 2821-8. [Abstract]

Martinaud, C., C. Desterke, J. Konopacki, L. Pieri, F. Torossian, R. Golub, S. Schmutz, A. Anginot, B. Guerton, N. Rochet, P. Albanese, E. Henault, O. Pierre-Louis, J. B. Souraud, T. de Revel, B. Dupriez, J. C. Ianotto, M. F. Bourgeade, A. M. Vannucchi, J. J. Lataillade and M. C. Le Bousse-Kerdiles, (2015). Osteogenic potential of mesenchymal stromal cells contributes to primary myelofibrosis. Cancer Res. 2015 Sep 24. pii: canres.3696.2014. [Epub ahead of print]. [Abstract]

Lehri-Boufala, S., M. O. Ouidja, V. Barbier-Chassefiere, E. Henault, R. Raisman-Vozari, L. Garrigue-Antar, D. Papy-Garcia and C. Morin, (2015). New roles of glycosaminoglycans in alpha-synuclein aggregation in a cellular model of Parkinson disease. PLoS One, 10, e0116641. [Abstract]

Koutsioumpa, M., E. Poimenidi, E. Pantazaka, C. Theodoropoulou, A. Skoura, V. Megalooikonomou, N. Kieffer, J. Courty, S. Mizumoto, K. Sugahara and E. Papadimitriou, (2015). Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase beta/zeta is a functional binding partner for vascular endothelial growth factor. Mol Cancer, 14, 19. [Abstract]

Kossatz, S., J. Grandke, P. Couleaud, A. Latorre, A. Aires, K. Crosbie-Staunton, R. Ludwig, H. Dahring, V. Ettelt, A. Lazaro-Carrillo, M. Calero, M. Sader, J. Courty, Y. Volkov, A. Prina-Mello, A. Villanueva, A. Somoza, A. L. Cortajarena, R. Miranda and I. Hilger, (2015). Efficient treatment of breast cancer xenografts with multifunctionalized iron oxide nanoparticles combining magnetic hyperthermia and anti-cancer drug delivery. Breast Cancer Res, 17, 66. [Abstract]

Joffre, C., N. Dupont, L. Hoa, V. Gomez, R. Pardo, C. Goncalves-Pimentel, P. Achard, A. Bettoun, B. Meunier, C. Bauvy, I. Cascone, P. Codogno, M. Fanto, A. Hergovich and J. Camonis, (2015). The Pro-apoptotic STK38 Kinase Is a New Beclin1 Partner Positively Regulating Autophagy. Curr Biol, 25, 2479-92. [Abstract]

Gholobova, D., L. Decroix, V. Van Muylder, L. Desender, M. Gerard, G. Carpentier, H. Vandenburgh and L. Thorrez, (2015). Endothelial Network Formation Within Human Tissue-Engineered Skeletal Muscle. Tissue Eng Part A, 21, 2548-58. [Abstract]

Elahouel, R., C. Blanc, G. Carpentier, S. Frechault, I. Cascone, D. Destouches, J. Delbe, J. Courty and Y. Hamma-Kourbali, (2015). Pleiotrophin Exerts Its Migration and Invasion Effect through the Neuropilin-1 Pathway. Neoplasia, 17, 613-24. [Abstract]

Chevalier, F., D. Arnaud, E. Henault, O. Guillevic, F. Sineriz, A. C. Ponsen, D. Papy-Garcia, D. Barritault, D. Letourneur, G. Uzan, A. Meddahi-Pelle, H. Hlawaty and P. Albanese, (2015). A fine structural modification of glycosaminoglycans is correlated with the progression of muscle regeneration after ischaemia: towards a matrix-based therapy? Eur Cell Mater, 30, 51-68. [Abstract]

Browne, S., M. G. Monaghan, E. Brauchle, D. C. Berrio, S. Chantepie, D. Papy-Garcia, K. Schenke-Layland and A. Pandit, (2015). Modulation of inflammation and angiogenesis and changes in ECM GAG-activity via dual delivery of nucleic acids. Biomaterials, 69, 133-47. [Abstract]

Hermanns, M. I., J. Kasper, R. E. Unger, G. Carpentier, E. L. Roggen and C. J. Kirkpatrick, (2015). Assessment of respiratory sensitizers: Cytokine responses in a 3D alveolo-capillary barrier model in vitro. Advanced Biomaterials and Devices in Medicine, 2, 1-9. [Abstract]

Huet, E., E. Gabison, B. Vallee, N. Mougenot, G. Linguet, B. Riou, C. Jarosz, S. Menashi and S. Besse, (2015). Deletion of extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer/CD147 induces altered cardiac extracellular matrix remodeling in aging mice. J Physiol Pharmacol, 66(3), 355-66. [Abstract]

Delyon, J., F. Khayati, I. Djaafri, M. P. Podgorniak, A. Sadoux, N. Setterblad, Z. Boutalbi, K. Maouche, U. Maskos, S. Menashi, C. Lebbé and S. Mourah, (2015). EMMPRIN regulates β1 integrin-mediated adhesion through Kindlin-3 in human melanoma cells. Exp Dermatol, 24(6), 443-8. [Abstract]

Khayati, F., L. Pérez-Cano, K. Maouche, A. Sadoux, Z. Boutalbi, M. P. Podgorniak, U. Maskos, N. Setterblad, A. Janin, F. Calvo, C. Lebbé, S. Menashi, J. Fernandez-Recio and S. Mourah, (2015). EMMPRIN/CD147 is a novel coreceptor of VEGFR-2 mediating its activation by VEGF. Oncotarget, 6(12), 9766-80. [Abstract]

Bardet, C., F. Courson, Y. Wu, M. Khaddam, B. Salmon, S. Ribes, J. Thumfart, P. M. Yamaguti, G. Y. Rochefort, M. L. Figueres, T. Breiderhoff, A. Garcia-Castaño, B. Vallée, Le D. Denmat, B. Baroukh, T. Guilbert, A. Schmitt, J. M. Massé, D. Bazin, G. Lorenz, M. Morawietz, J. Hou, P. Carvalho-Lobato, M. C. Manzanares, J. C. Fricain, D. Talmud, R. Demontis, F. Neves, D. Zenaty, A. Berdal, A. Kiesow, M. Petzold, S. Menashi, A. Linglart, A. C. Acevedo, R. Vargas-Poussou, D. Müller, P. Houillier and C. Chaussain, (2015). Claudin-16 Deficiency Impairs Tight Junction Function in Ameloblasts, Leading to Abnormal Enamel Formation. J Bone Miner Res doi: 10.1002/jbmr.2726 [Epub ahead of print]. [Abstract]