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Publications 2010

Berry, R., Jowitt, T.A., Garrigue-Antar, L., Kadler, K.E. and Baldock, C. (2010). Structural and functional evidence for a substrate exclusion mechanism in mammalian tolloid like-1 (TLL-1) proteinase. FEBS Lett 584(4): 657-61. [Abstract]

Besse, S., Boucher, F., Linguet, G., Riou, L., De Leiris, J., Riou, B., Dimastromatteo, J., Comte, R., Courty, J. and Delbe, J. (2010). Intramyocardial protein therapy with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF-165) induces functional angiogenesis in rat senescent myocardium. J Physiol Pharmacol 61(6): 651-61. [Abstract]

Blondet, B., Carpentier, G., Ferry, A., Chatonnet, A. and Courty, J. (2010). Localization of butyrylcholinesterase at the neuromuscular junction of normal and acetylcholinesterase knockout mice. J Histochem Cytochem 58(12): 1075-82. [Abstract]

Bougatef, F., Menashi, S., Khayati, F., Naimi, B., Porcher, R., Podgorniak, M.P., Millot, G., Janin, A., Calvo, F., Lebbe, C. and Mourah, S. (2010). EMMPRIN promotes melanoma cells malignant properties through a HIF-2alpha mediated up-regulation of VEGF-receptor-2. PLoS One 5(8): e12265.[Abstract]

Charef, S., Papy-Garcia, D. and Courty, J. (2010). Absorption and tissue distribution of a novel carboxymethyldextran after oral administration. Biomed Pharmacother 64(9): 627-32. [Abstract]

Charef, S., Tulliez, M., Esmilaire, L., Courty, J. and Papy-Garcia, D. (2010). Toxicological evaluation of RGTA OTR4120, a heparan sulfate mimetic. Food Chem Toxicol 48(7): 1965-8. [Abstract]

Diamantopoulou, Z., Bermek, O., Polykratis, A., Hamma-Kourbali, Y., Delbe, J., Courty, J. and Katsoris, P. (2010). A Pleiotrophin C-terminus peptide induces anti-cancer effects through RPTPbeta/zeta. Mol Cancer 9: 224. [Abstract]

Dos Santos, C., Karaky, R., Renoir, D., Hamma-Kourbali, Y., Albanese, P., Gobbo, E., Griscelli, F., Opolon, P., Dalle, S., Perricaudet, M., Courty, J. and Delbe, J. (2010). Antitumorigenic effects of a mutant of the heparin affin regulatory peptide on the U87 MG glioblastoma cell line. Int J Cancer 127(5): 1038-51. [Abstract]

El Khoury, D., Destouches, D., Lengagne, R., Krust, B., Hamma-Kourbali, Y., Garcette, M., Niro, S., Kato, M., Briand, J.P., Courty, J., Hovanessian, A.G. and Prevost-Blondel, A. (2010). Targeting surface nucleolin with a multivalent pseudopeptide delays development of spontaneous melanoma in RET transgenic mice. BMC Cancer 10: 325. [Abstract]

M'Bika, J.P., Baudouin, F., Courty, J. and Achour, A. (2010). Host factor pleiotrophin induces human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication associated with inflammatory cytokine expression. J Gen Virol 91(Pt 5): 1346-53. [Abstract]

Ma, L., Huet, E., Serova, M., Berthois, Y., Calvo, F., Mourah, S. and Menashi, S. (2010). Antisense inhibition of amphiregulin expression reduces EGFR phosphorylation in transformed human breast epithelial cells. Anticancer Res 30(6): 2101-6. [Abstract]

Martelly, I., Singabraya, D., Vandebrouck, A., Papy-Garcia, D., Cognard, C., Raymond, G., Guillet-Deniau, I., Courty, J. and Constantin, B. (2010). Glycosaminoglycan mimetics trigger IP3-dependent intracellular calcium release in myoblasts. Matrix Biol 29(4): 317-29. [Abstract]

Paule, B., Bastien, L., Deslandes, E., Cussenot, O., Podgorniak, M.P., Allory, Y., Naimi, B., Porcher, R., de La Taille, A., Menashi, S., Calvo, F. and Mourah, S. (2010). Soluble isoforms of vascular endothelial growth factor are predictors of response to sunitinib in metastatic renal cell carcinomas. PLoS One 5(5): e10715. [Abstract]

Paule, B., Deslandes, E., Le Mouel, S.P., Bastien, L., Podgorniak, M.P., Allory, Y., de la Taille, A., Menashi, S., Calvo, F. and Mourah, S. (2010). Identification of a novel biomarker signature associated with risk for bone metastasis in patients with renal cell carcinoma. Int J Biol Markers 25(2): 112-5. [Abstract]

Peltzer, J., Carpentier, G., Martelly, I., Courty, J. and Keller, A. (2010). Transitions towards either slow-oxidative or fast-glycolytic phenotype can be induced in the murine WTt myogenic cell line. J Cell Biochem 111(1): 82-93. [Abstract]

van Zoggel, H., Hamma-Kourbali, Y., Galanth, C., Ladram, A., Nicolas, P., Courty, J., Amiche, M. and Delbe, J. (2010). Antitumor and angiostatic peptides from frog skin secretions. Amino Acids. [Abstract]

Venereau, E., Diveu, C., Grimaud, L., Ravon, E., Froger, J., Preisser, L., Danger, Y., Maillasson, M., Garrigue-Antar, L., Jacques, Y., Chevalier, S. and Gascan, H. (2010). Definition and characterization of an inhibitor for interleukin-31. J Biol Chem 285(20): 14955-63. [Abstract]