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Publications 2009

Santos, C. D., R. Karaky, D. Renoir, Y. Hamma-Kourbali, P. Albanese, E. Gobbo, F. Griscelli, P. Opolon, S. Dalle, M. Perricaudet, J. Courty, and J. Delbe. (2009) Anti-tumorigenic effects of a mutant of the heparin affin regulatory peptide (HARP) on the U87 MG glioblastoma cell line. Int J Cancer. [PDF]


Mbika, J. P., F. Baudoin, J. Courty, and A. Achour. (2009) The host factor pleiotrophin induced Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 replication associated with inflammatory cytokines expression. J Gen Virol. [Abstract]


Chaussain C., Eapen A.S., Huet E., Floris C., Ravindran S., Hao J., Menashi S. and George A. (2009) MMP2-cleavage of DMP1 generates a bioactive peptide promoting differentiation of dental pulp stem/progenitor cells. Eur Cell Mater., 18:84-95 [Abstract]

Bougaten F., Quemener C., Kellouche S., Naimi B., Podgorniak M.P., Millot G., Gabison E.E., Calvo F., Dosquet C., Lebbe C., Menashi S., Mourah S. (2009) EMMPRIN promotes angiogenesis through HIF-2(alpha) mediated regulation of soluble VEGF isoforms and their receptor VEGFR-2. Blood, 114:5547-56 [Abstract]

Gabison E.E., Huet E., Baudouin C., Menashi S. (2009) Direct epithelial-stromal interaction in corneal wound healing: Role of EMMPRIN/CD147 in MMPs induction and beyond. Prog Retin Eye Res., 28:19-33 [Abstract]

Abiola M, Favier M, Christodoulou-Vafeiadou E, Pichard AL, Martelly I, Guillet-Deniau I. (2009) Activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling increases insulin sensitivity through a reciprocal regulation of Wnt10b and SREBP-1c in skeletal muscle cells. PLoS One., 4(12):e8509. [PDF]

Berry R, Jowitt TA, Garrigue-Antar L, Kadler KE, Baldock C. (2009) Structural and functional evidence for a substrate exclusion mechanism in mammalian tolloid like-1 (TLL-1) proteinase. FEBS Lett. 584:657-661. [Abstract]

Lamoureux F, Picarda G, Garrigue-Antar L, Baud'huin M, Trichet V, Vidal A, Miot-Noirault E, Pitard B, Heymann D, Rédini F. (2009) Glycosaminoglycans as potential regulators of osteoprotegerin therapeutic activity in osteosarcoma. Cancer Res.69(2):526-36.[PDF]

Friand, V., O. Haddad, D. Papy-Garcia, H. Hlawaty, R. Vassy, Y. Hamma-Kourbali, G. Y. Perret, J. Courty, F. Baleux, O. Oudar, L. Gattegno, A. Sutton, and N. Charnaux. (2009) Glycosaminoglycan mimetics inhibit SDF-1/CXCL12-mediated migration and invasion of human hepatoma cells. Glycobiology 19 (12):1511-1524. [Abstract]

Le Page, C., P. Noirez, J. Courty, B. Riou, B. Swynghedauw, and S. Besse. (2009) Exercise training improves functional post-ischemic recovery in senescent heart. Exp Gerontol 44 (3):177-182. [PDF]

Ori, A., P. Free, J. Courty, M. C. Wilkinson, and D. G. Fernig. (2009) Identification of heparin-binding sites in proteins by selective labeling. Mol Cell Proteomics 8 (10):2256-2265.[Abstract]

Albanese, P., D. Caruelle, G. Frescaline, J. Delbe, L. Petit-Cocault, E. Huet, N. Charnaux, G. Uzan, D. Papy-Garcia, and J. Courty. (2009). Glycosaminoglycan mimetics-induced mobilization of hematopoietic progenitors and stem cells into mouse peripheral blood: structure/function insights. Exp Hematol 37 (9):1072-1083. [Abstract]

Barbier-Chassefiere, V., S. Garcia-Filipe, X. L. Yue, M. E. Kerros, E. Petit, P. Kern, J. L. Saffar, D. Papy-Garcia, J. P. Caruelle, and D. Barritault. (2009). Matrix therapy in regenerative medicine, a new approach to chronic wound healing. J Biomed Mater Res A 90 (3):641-647. [PDF]

Yue, X. L., S. Lehri, P. Li, V. Barbier-Chassefiere, E. Petit, Q. F. Huang, P. Albanese, D. Barritault, J. P. Caruelle, D. Papy-Garcia, and C. Morin. (2009). Insights on a new path of pre-mitochondrial apoptosis regulation by a glycosaminoglycan mimetic. Cell Death Differ 16 (5):770-781. [Abstract]