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Publications 2008

Achour, A., M'Bika J, P., Baudouin, F., Caruelle, D. and Courty, J. (2008). Pleiotrophin induces expression of inflammatory cytokines in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Biochimie 90, 1791-5. [Abstract]

Boukpessi, T., Menashi, S., Camoin, L., Tencate, J. M., Goldberg, M. and Chaussain-Miller, C. (2008). The effect of stromelysin-1 (MMP-3) on non-collagenous extracellular matrix proteins of demineralized dentin and the adhesive properties of restorative resins. Biomaterials 29, 4367-73. [Abstract]

Destouches, D., El Khoury, D., Hamma-Kourbali, Y., Krust, B., Albanese, P., Katsoris, P., Guichard, G., Briand, J. P., Courty, J. and Hovanessian, A. G. (2008). Suppression of tumor growth and angiogenesis by a specific antagonist of the cell-surface expressed nucleolin. PLoS ONE 3, e2518. [PDF]

Duces, A., Karaky, R., Martel-Renoir, D., Mir, L., Hamma-Kourbali, Y., Bieche, I., Opolon, P., Delbe, J., Courty, J., Perricaudet, M. et al. (2008). 16-kDa fragment of pleiotrophin acts on endothelial and breast tumor cells and inhibits tumor development. Mol Cancer Ther 7, 2817-27. [Abstract]

Hamma-Kourbali, Y., Bernard-Pierrot, I., Heroult, M., Dalle, S., Caruelle, D., Milhiet, P. E., Fernig, D. G., Delbe, J. and Courty, J. (2008). Inhibition of the mitogenic, angiogenic and tumorigenic activities of pleiotrophin by a synthetic peptide corresponding to its C-thrombospondin repeat-I domain. J Cell Physiol 214, 250-9. [Abstract]

Huet, E., Gabison, E. E., Mourah, S. and Menashi, S. (2008a). Role of emmprin/CD147 in tissue remodeling. Connect Tissue Res 49, 175-9. [Abstract]

Huet, E., Vallee, B., Szul, D., Verrecchia, F., Mourah, S., Jester, J. V., Hoang-Xuan, T., Menashi, S. and Gabison, E. E. (2008b). Extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer/CD147 promotes myofibroblast differentiation by inducing alpha-smooth muscle actin expression and collagen gel contraction: implications in tissue remodeling. Faseb J 22, 1144-54. [Abstract]

Ikeda, Y., Sineriz, F., Bultel, L., Grand, E., Kovensky, J. and Papy-Garcia, D. (2008). Synthesis of a trisulfated heparan sulfate disaccharide analog and its use as a template for preliminary molecular imprinting studies. Carbohydr Res 343, 587-95.

Menashi, S., Tribout, B., Dosquet, C., Le Toumelin, P., Piette, J. C., Wechsler, B. and Boffa, M. C. (2008). Strong association between plasma thrombomodulin and pathergy test in Behcet disease. Ann Rheum Dis 67, 892-3. [Abstract]

Page, C. L., Noirez, P., Courty, J., Riou, B., Swynghedauw, B. and Besse, S. (2008). Exercise training improves functional post-ischemic recovery in senescent heart. Exp Gerontol. [Abstract]

Peltzer, J., Colman, L., Cebrian, J., Musa, H., Peckham, M. and Keller, A. (2008). Novel murine clonal cell lines either express slow or mixed (fast and slow) muscle markers following differentiation in vitro. Dev Dyn 237, 1412-23. [PDF]